Today WFDB celebrates Usher Syndrome Awareness Day

Today we celebrate Usher Syndrome Awareness Day (USH) which is the most common genetic cause of combined deafness and blindness. USH is a rare inherited condition, passing from parents to children, which impacts three major senses in the body: vision, hearing and balance.
There are three types of USH:
✅Type 1: causes deafness at birth and progressive vision loss
✅Type 2: causes moderate or severe hearing loss at birth and progressive vision loss
✅Type 3: causes progressive vision and hearing loss

Usher Syndrome Coalition is the core of the global Usher syndrome community which in 2015 declared the third Saturday in September as “Usher Syndrome Awareness Day”. Usher Syndrome Awareness Day is also recognized by the organisation NoisyVision which supports the empowerment of people with sight and/or hearing loss.
WFDB also joins the celebration of Usher Syndrome Awareness Day.

You can celebrate it with us by exploring interesting facts and discovering more about the syndrome. That can be facilitated by visiting the official pages of Usher Syndrome Coalition and NoisyVision !

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