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Dear friends,

For the WFDB, and me as its President, 2017 started in the best way possible.

Through long-term hard work and dedication, we have secured funding to produce a global report on the status of persons with deafblindness worldwide. A report to be made by well recognized researchers in the disability field, based on our requirements for such a report.

Geir Jensen, Norway 2013-, about us, wfdb
Geir Jensen, Norway 2013-

In addition the secured funding enables us to, in cooperation with among others International Disability Alliance and Sense International, help our member organizations strengthen their capacity and advocacy. Making us as persons with deafblindness more visible than ever before.

This means an increased workload for the WFDB EC, the regional representatives and member organizations. We, persons with deafblindness will lead this work. And to assist us doing exactly that I have an important announcement to make:

The secured funds covers the cost of a full time position as Coordinator at the WFDB and I am very proud to introduce Ximena Serpa from Colombia as the new, full time, WFDB Program Coordinator, on a contract running for 18 months. Hopefully longer if we acquire more funding. She happily accepted this position and had her first day in office 2nd of May this year.

Her role is designed to strengthen our ability to make the best decisions possible regarding the progress of securing human rights for persons with deafblindness, as well as empowering us to act as self-advocates on a stronger and more consistent level than ever before; Nationally, regionally and globally.

In our way forward from this point will be driven by Ximena who will  start by reaching out to each one of our member organizations, regional deafblind organizations, WFDB partners and other stakeholders to inform about our work and also ask for information that would be vital in our work.

Ximena can be reached on

I trust we all will cooperate and appreciate her effort for our cause by replying to any request she might send us.

I encourage you to check our webpage for information about the 2018 Helen Keller World Conference in Benidorm, Spain:

Best regards

The World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB)

Geir Jensen


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