President’s Corner

Welcome to the President’s corner – and my window to the world

In this section, you will find the latest activities and work of WFDB’s newly elected President, Sanja Tarczay.

Stay tuned for the latest updates!

1. Visit to Slovenia: Sanja Tarczay has visited the Slovenian Association of Deafblind Persons (DLAN), from the 24th to the 25th November 2022,  to support their work and to present WFDB’s work and activities. The key event during the visit was the round-table discussion with various government representatives of the Republic of Slovenia and the President of the WFDB to regulate the status and rights of people with deafblindness.



Sanja is in a room with a slide that reads "WFDB introduction" and seems to be giving out a presentation
Sanja presenting the work of WFDB during her visit in Slovenia.


A group of people posing
Sanja during her meeting in Slovenia together with other government representatives and representatives of  disability organisations.

2. Online two-day lecture: On the 28th and 29th of November, Sanja Tarczay was invited by Lithuania’s Deaf Union, to hold a two-day lecture online for various groups such as: government officials of Lithuania, ministries representatives, Organisations of Persons with Disabilities, interpreters interested in becoming deafblind interpreters/guide-interpreter, members of the Lithuanian Deaf Union, and other interested participants to increase awareness on deafblindness and rights of persons with deafblind. The topics covered during the lecture were the following: How to understand Deafblindness, problems faced by persons with deafblindness and interpretation of persons with deafblindness.

Sanja is having an online call
Sanja presenting the work of WFDB during an online lecture for different Lithuanian representatives.












3. IDA Board Meeting: On the 10th of December, we celebrated Human Rights Day, and Sanja Tarczay was very busy in Cairo, Egypt. The International Disability Alliance (IDA) held its Board Meeting and the WFDB President had the opportunity to meet with Juan Ángel De Gouveia (President of The Latin American Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of Persons With Disabilities and their Families (RIADIS)) and with Joseph Murray (President of the World Federation of The Deaf (WFD)) and many others to discuss the position of persons with disabilities (including persons with deafblindness) in the world.

Two men and a woman smile
From left to right, WFD President Joseph Murray, RIADIS President Juan Ángel De Gouveia and Sanja at the IDA Board Meeting in Cairo, Egypt.
A group of 12 people pose for the camera
Sanja with other IDA Board Representatives during at IDA’s Board Meeting in Cairo, Egypt.

4. Meetings with DBI: On the 13th of December Sanja Tarczay met with DBI representatives (Deafblind International) to discuss further cooperation between DBI and WFDB.



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