WFDB publishes a survey to collect data on older people with deafblindness

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We have launched a survey with the purpose of gathering information for our 1st Global Report on older persons with deafblindness, which will be published by the end of 2023. A research consultant working for WFDB will process and analyse the data.

This survey and report is organised as part of the SHAPES Project, an EU-funded programme that addresses the needs and expectation of older people. WFDB is a consortium member of this project, which will end in October 2023. You can read about the project and our involvement here.

Who is this survey for?

This survey is for:

• WFDB members.
• Persons with deafblindness.
• Organisations by and for persons with deafblindness.
• Other organisations and professionals in the field of deafblindness.

The survey will remain open until the 6th of August 2023.

Please find here the word version in English.

If you have any questions and/or comments on the survey, please contact WFDB at

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