A short report of activities from SEDB organisation!

Our Deafblind friends and members from Society for the Empowerment of the Deaf-Blind (SEDB), India have been really active and would like us to share some of their activities and news!

About some we have posted, but here is a more detailed report from them if you want to check out what they have been up to in January and February!

  1. India Deaf Expo, Chennai

“India Deaf Expo was conducted in Chennai from 27th to 29th of January 2023. It was conducted by Deaf Leaders  Foundation (DLF). 3 deafblind members along with 3 deaf members attended the event from SEDB. During the conference the deaf team supported us with interpretation, guidance and other support services.  At the SEDB stall, we displayed the products made by deafblind adults  – beautiful candles,  knitted woollen bags, key chains, crocheted baby clothes and other tiles. Sunil Abbas, General Secretary of SEDB worked hard to organize our participation including registration, hotel and stall arrangements. He took support from Chetana Trust to help create the presentation, design the banner and organise transport for the participants. The Deaf Explo was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to spread awareness among the deaf community. Many deaf people came from all over India and other countries. They were very impressed and amazed at our products and we were able to make good sales.

Zamir Dhale was invited to make a presentation about SEDB and the situation of the deafblind people in India.Sunil Abbas presented along with me. Renuka and Namita Jacob supported the presentation as interpreters.  Zamir Dhale was felicitated at the Deaf Expo and given an Achievement award for his contribution to to deafblind community in India, by founding SEDB. We are grateful to DLF for inviting SEDB to attend the India Deaf Expo, Chennai.”


  1. 2nd NCDB, Ecumenical Christian Center, Bangalore

“SEDB organised a 3-day conference – 2nd National Conference of the Deafblind(NCDB) 2023 in collaboration with Enable India and Chetana Trust between 2nd to the 4th February 2023 . The conference was funded by Allegis. Our chief guest was Lion Dr.  A. K. Abbas and his wife, Ayesha, the parents of Sunil and Reena who are deafblind. Zamir Dhale, the founder of SEDB presented Mrs. Beroz Vacha  Memorial Award to Lion Dr. Abbas for his encouragement towards upliftment of  deafblind people in India. His contribution and support enabled Zamir Dhale and Sunil Abbas to join Pradip Sinha in participating in the General Assembly and conference conducted by the World Federation of The Deafblind(WFDB).

The first two mornings of the conference were filled with presentations and discussions led by the deafblind leaders of SEDB. The first session on Livelihood was lead by Zamir Dhale. The second session was on becoming deafblind as an adult and was led by Sunil Abbas. The third session on training & technology was led by Pradip Sinha. Each of them invited several SEDB members to present their experience and learning. There was one zoom session and Ms. Shruti Lata from Sense International India spoke on RPWD, while Ms. Akiko Fuluda from Japan spoke of the situation in Asia.  On the first day, a survey of deafblind participants was conducted, to capture the level of well-being experienced in their lives. This survey, together with the more in-depth support survey was led by Chetana Trust and will be analysed along with deafblind leaders from SEDB. The results will be used to drive SEDB actions and advocacy.

Each afternoon of the first two days had games and activities, followed by stalls. Enable India conducted several interviews to create self advocacy tools for each participant. They will compile and share this information with SEDB. TorchIt had a stall and gave hands-on experience to the participants of their technology. The games and activities were exciting and fun. A spontaneous Fashion Show was organised by participants. Mr.Raman from Bangalore acted as a lady very well. Ms. Reshma who is deaf and  Mr. Naveen, who is deaf-blind danced beautifully. Nilesh and Neeta were crowned the winners and all winners received beautiful crowns, sashes and bags of perfumed potpourri.

On the third day, some participants were invited to visit a factory that made pencils while others were taken to an exhibition of wares from different states. At the conclusion of the conference, Mr. Dipesh, the Chairman of Enable India, Lion Dr. Abbas and Dr. Namita Jacob, the Founder Director of Chetana Trust, Chennai were invited to give participation certificates to all including SEDB members who accompanied the deafblind participants and supported them through the conference. All participants received little knitted squares filled with potpourri as a gift from Chetana Trust marking the end of a two year collaboration of those who supported the deafblind community through the pandemic. The little perfumed pouches were also presented to the hearing and the deaf interpreters who were present through the NCDB conference. Zamir Dhale thanked all for the support towards deafblind conference and making it a success.”

The WFDB also would like to thank Zamir Dhale for sending the news and being an active member of the deafblind community!


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