Thank you message from WFDB’s newly elected President

Sanja Tarczay, WFDB’s new President, would like to share a thank you message with everyone.

Below you will find the video and transcript:


Video description: A lady with red hair and glasses in a gray suit stands in the middle of the screen with gray background and WFDB logo in the left upper part of the screen. She uses international sign.

Sanja: Warm greetings everyone! Probably some of you already know, I am the new president of WFDB. My name is Sanja Tarczay, sign name: (moves her hand with lose fingers from upper to lower part of the cheek). I was really amazed by a large number of posts of support that I received via emails, social networks and text messages! So many congratulations, wow! It truly touched my heart! So many people reaching out! Also, I wanted to honor and thank everyone who voted for me! I am sorry that I just did not have enough time to meet with everyone. For that reason, now, I want to send all of you my deepest love and a big thank you! I hope that all of us, working together, will achieve better future for all Deafblind!

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