Important update on forthcoming WFDB GA and regional workshop in Nairobi, Kenya

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In the aftermath of the pandemic, WFDB is still facing challenges in organising events. However, WFDB is still working to organise the WFDB General Assembly and a regional workshop on the 2nd global report in Kenya in October this year.

In addition to this, WFDB still aim to support the AFDB in organizing their General Assembly.

In WFDB’s previous news update (9 August 2022), it was informed that the events were postponed to week 43 (late October) 2022. Exact dates have now been set, and are as follows:

  • 24-25 October: AFDB GA
  • 26-27 October: WFDB Global Report Workshop
  • 28-29 October: WFDB GA

Along with the postponement and replacement of HKWC with a regional workshop, changes to venue and accommodation have been made. The new venue for the event is:

2.5.4 Ole-Sereni

P.O. Box 18187 – 00500, Nairobi, Kenya

Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Mob: +254 732191000

Tel: +254 203901000



We will still be supported by the IDA Logistics team with regards to travel and accommodation arrangements and aim to provide further information on this early next week.

WFDB acknowledges the fact that the current circumstances and uncertainties make it difficult for everyone to attend. With regards to the WFDB GA, solutions for casting votes in elections per email is being looked into.

Again, we apologise for the postponement and look forwards to seeing you in Nairobi, Kenya, 24-29 October 2022.


In case of questions, please contact:

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