WFDB President meets with different disability organisations in Madrid

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Last Tuesday 31st of October, WFDB President Sanja Tarczay and WFDB Program Advisor Lucia D’Arino visited Madrid, Spain, to meet with different organisations based in the city. WFDB was able to present its most recent activities and priorities such as the publication of its 2nd Global Report, the SHAPES Project, the production of a soon to be published report on older people with deafblindness and a new starting  technology project with the Swedish company Omnitor.

Firstly, WFDB delegation met with CERMI, The Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities, in their headquarters. CERMI Delegation included Director Pilar Villarino and Human Rights Advisor Gregorio Saravia Méndez Delegado. This was an excellent opportunity to advance the common political agenda regarding persons with disabilities, more concretely, persons with deafblindness, and strengthen the collaboration between organizations.


Three women and a man pose for the camera standing up. Behind them, three flags and a sign that reads "CERMI"
Sanja Taczay and CERMI delegation

Secondly, a meeting was held with our Spanish member FASOCIDE (Spanish Federation of Associations of Deafblind people). FASOCIDE representatives included President Javier García Pajares and Vice-President Raquel Alba. Both organisations exchanged updates, information and strengthened future collaborations, as well as discussed the situation of persons with deafblindness in Spain.

Two women and a man stand next to a banner that reads "FASOCIDE". One is assisted by a black guide dog and another is holding the red and white cane
FASOCIDE President and Vice President with Sanja Tarczay

Lastly, we had the pleasure to meet with representatives from ONCE and ONCE Foundation, namely, Ms. Imelda Fernandez, Vice president of Social Services, Participation of ONCERCA Plan from the General Advisory of ONCE and Ms. Sabina Lobato, Directory of Training and Employment, Operations and Studies of the ONCE Foundation. Discussions were held on future collaboration opportunities to advance the rights of persons with deafblindness, particularly in relations to technology and accessibility.

Three women smile at the camera
Sanja Tarczay with ONCE and ONCE Foundation representatives

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