From survivor to thriver: Phil Thorn is the inspiration of the month!

Phil Thorn

Inspiring New Zealander Phil Thorn (52) is a survivor of meningitis. An illness which, in Phil’s case, caused complete loss of sight and reduced hearing, as well as paraplegia. Phil strongly believes in the saying ‘A healthy mind is a healthy body’ and ever since his recovery from meningitis, dreamt of setting up an online life coaching and motivational service for persons with disabilities. This coaching service will focus on persons living with visual and auditory impairments as well as other physical disabilities and aims to be as accessible as possible. The coaching service name will be: Survivor to Thriver.

When Phil received DeafBlind Association New Zealand’s newsletter advert for the Holman Prize for persons with blindness and visually impairments, he decided to give it a go. The Prize winners will receive financial backing (up to $25,000) to realise their adventurous dreams. Learn more about Phil and his courageous plans in the video below.

WFDB applauds Phil’s initiative and spirit and encourages everyone to support Phil on his journey!


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